This article was compiled by Jodi Phillips September 2012, for the Institute of Black Academics concerning Black Under achievement.

PUBLISHED 18 September 2012  04:26

 ALIGNMENT is something that can not be mistaken in specifically Black/African existence. It is represents the best of who we are, and the truth of whom we can be. Every archaoelogical find that reveals the greatness of Africa and African civilizations includes something or other about 'ALIGNMENT'.

Why has so many Black People ignored the message of the Ancestors? The message of the Ancestors issomething that can only be 'carried out' by the spiritually pure, the strong and the physically astute. If you do not possess all three of these in perfect ALIGNMENT, then you can access those dimensions. Most of us deal with Team Leaders in this Golden Era of ALIGNMENT as they have mosyt likely been to the higher dimensions, got the codes and then the next job is too pass it on, like an inheritance.

Black Social Enterprises and Active Team Leaders are like Priests. They are like the Church with no Walls.
We can not talk about the ALIGNMENT, without speaking about Hart Culture C.I.C. the lead organistion for the 2012 Alignment
and Golden Era.  The Golden Era actually started with the African American's (L3 Haplo group out of Africa) and
made its way into Music, specifically Hip Hop and RnB. This was the first 'Opening'. But, like a cable, our very own umbiblical cord, the last ten years of the Golden Era started 21 December 2012, which is where the Alignment and its principles fully took shape and came into exitence on earth amongst people.

The Alignment, brought in divine proportion and values into the everyday lives of peoples and there is set to be somewhat 11,000 other products dedicated to the last ten years of the Golden Era. By AD2022, the world will be plunged into the 2nd Golden Age.
This is also said to be the accurate timing for the return of the 'Christ Child', the Saviour of the World, who will be surrounded by the Golden Race.  

"Since mass consciousness can direct all activity on earth at anytime, all of these events are completely under our control.
We are being tested. It is the grand experiment of earth and we are entering into what is truly the Golden Age". -

"COME is the last of the ages, in song Cumæan foretold.
Now is the world’s grand cycle begun once more from of old.
Justice the Virgin comes, and the Saturn kingdom again;
Now from the skies is descending a new generation of men.
Thou to the boy in his birth, — upon whose first opening eyes
The iron age shall close, and a race that is golden arise", — The Messianic Eclogue


It is the job of HART CULTURE C.I.C. to really follow this narrative and get the best link and explanation to the peoples as
possible through every Media channel that is available. So far it has been more than successful in doing this.
From Youtube, to Facebook, to Online Galleries, to Local Events and TV. HART CULTURE C.I.C. has hosted over 150 Cultural Engagement events between 2010 and 2014.

HART CULTURE C.I.C. (Heart Culture) fetches a handsome 9,510,000 results in less than 0.47 seconds in the world search for
2012 Planetary Alignment and Golden Era. This is a big feat for an all black organisation. No African Organisation is known for acknowledging the Planetary Alignment on this scale since the reign of Akhenaten of Amarna in the late 18th Dynasty -
Black Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (New Kingdom). HART CULTURE C.I.C. Hits 8,680,000 results - for 2012 Planetary Alignment anf Golden Era on Global Search Engine Yahoo, whos Satellite dish floats in space and linked to every geographic coordinate on earth. Out of the 18,190,000 HART CULTURE C.I.C. holds firmly the top 10 Results! This means that the world is definately in 'Shift' mode, and we have to ensure the safety of everybody that joins us in the faith to deliver.

HART CULTURE C.I.C. vibrates on the same level as the Old Kingdom (Pre-dating the New Kingdom) Golden Age,
using exactly the same Technology, however just not on the same scale. The New Kingdom Pharao'h's practically single handedly plunged the world into the Dark Ages through loosing the throne and giving over to Foreign conquest. 
This had detrimental effects on the worlds spiritual ascension. To understand the power of Melanin,
is to understand the beauty of 'The Light of World', the 'Christ Child' and Saviour of the world.

HART CULTURE C.I.C. has really tried to pick up all the neccesary values and principles to ensure that it is a sustainable enteprise and has already secured 1,000 certificates between its members and Team Leaders.
It was a once in a lifetime and only happens every 2,737 years. According to the Mayan Calander - once every 5,500 Years.
HART CULTURE C.I.C. was also funded just under £3,500GBP to 'Transform Newham' in 2012, where a key part of the delivery was to 'prepare a way for Christ' in the coming era. So far, HART CULTURE C.I.C. has stuck firmly to those goals.

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