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Hart Culture C.I.C. is responsible for Inspiring Excellence in the Arts through Local Communities. It is an award winning Company both in the UK and with International Acclaim (Honoured International Organization of the Year, 2014 - Leadership Mind Ambassadors). It exists primarily to promote 100% Positive Achievement and Cultural Engagement in the UK. So why is Basic Arts Education so important to Hart Culture? And, furthermore, why has no other Arts Firms in the UK specialised in ‘Basic Arts Education?

For most firms it may not be in their interest to ‘Enrich’ People, as their livelihood usually depends on profiting off of ‘cheap/affordable Manual Labour’, and generating ‘Spiritual hostages’ in urban settlements? Urban Prisoners are created in between the walls of the ‘Council Estate Property’ and the ‘urban ghettos? (With no Spiritual direction from any source of spirituality other than Television, simulated Computer Games and Media).
It makes no sense in an economy built on ‘materialism’ to be introducing a Basic Arts Education Schema to help people to relate and appreciate the ‘natural life’ giving world around them, and the universal laws that hold them all together in place and in perfect harmony. Africa once lived in Spiritual and matrimonial harmony with nature, but now must ‘sign a form’ and request a ‘VISA’ to cross a border or get access to ‘clean drinking water? Feed the children or go to School (In some places there are still no Schools available to African’s).

At Hart Culture C.I.C. we are specifically serving Non Traditional Audiences and Ethnic Minority groups in the UK. We offer over 250 Courses and regularly give taster sessions to Groups of Black Origin. We always encourage people to apply for taster sessions and in the planning stages of opening a dedicated Centre for Art Therapy.

Looking at things again for the ‘First Time’ helps us all to not only dispel the myths, but also to ‘think again’ and then ‘think about it’. We take things for granted and don’t understand the authority that is in just stopping for a few seconds and ‘thinking? Then, we can see through it all?

We look at our environment, surroundings and setting as a starting point, as we can easily take it for granted. Things that are usually hidden are put right in front of us. Therefore, this really is our starting point - the object that is right in front of you right now! We take the students on drawing trips, to sit down in silence and draw the buildings before them, the parks surrounding them and the sweet shop opposite them. So many revelations emerge from no longer than 1hr of such observations.

We take our Adult Students on a journey of rediscovery starting with the ‘Primary Colours’, as it seems that they quickly forget all about it in Adult hood.  Hart Culture C.I.C. has done workshops with European Banks, seniors, Old Aged Pensioners, retired and Blue chip firms. It has seen rapid change in their business structure(s) confidently impacting policy after such workshops. Adults are holding scissors, pens, glue and paper - has revolutionised the way business is done in Europe. It has transformed the ‘Corporate Face’, as it embraces the principle and ‘perspective’ unique to that of the established Hart Culture Philosophy.

We help people to remember the power of the ‘Primaries’. We value the ‘primary’ in every ‘situation’ but our own? ‘Primary School, Prime, Supreme, Main, Chief, Key, Principle, Major, Crucial, absolute, ultimate, complete, unconditional, absolute, fixed and unlimited.

We ‘accept’ unlimited broadband, but not our unlimited freedom to think?
We put our children through ‘Primary School’, but do not teach them the primary properties of ‘melanin’ prevalent in the African Community? We accept European Supremacy, but not our position as the ‘Host Parent Race’ of every each and every Race on the planet? We accept ‘Key Principles for Business? But not key principles to keep our Families safe and unified? We accept ‘Major’ Football Teams, but not Major Activists for Positive Black Alignment? Fixed Term Agreements for Mortgagees, but not fixed absolute truth that we have the gift of eternal life?

The ‘Primaries’ - The ‘Absolute’ is an unending source of which all other colours come out of. The Wheel of fortune is in the ‘Blue, Red and Yellow’ - Our blood, The Sun and the Sea (Sacred River of Life). As we grow older, and participate in the lunacy of the Worlds shaky orders (non-permanent) and systems (ideas), we quickly forget that “We” are the central force of all of these ‘Systems’, and the driving force ‘at all times’. What we experience is a neglect to ‘recognise this’, and therefore things get ‘on top of us’. We fall ignorant of the ‘manipulated reality’.

Once we take another look at the Industries, we’ll see that Africa and Egypt play a central role in every wheel, car, alloyed metal, Architecture, School, Technology and Luxury. Africa - “We” are at the centre of it all.
The only thing we must now seek to uncover is ‘how, when and why?

You can book your taster Art Therapy Course, part of our Basic Arts Education Module via Hart Culture C.I.C.





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