This article was compiled and edited by David Ofosu – Appiah LLB and Ms Chermiah Hart FdA BA (Hons), March 2014, for the Institute of Black Academics concerning Black Under achievement.

PUBLISHED 09 MARCH 2014  05:26

They say black is a colour, pigment, complexion as well as a race of peoples, sub-divided into tribes, tongues, nations and ethnicity. The colour ‘black’ spans the Globe, from Africa, Caribbean, Asia, Europe and American continents and regions.


The word ‘black’ has got a different meaning in whatever, wherever, whichever culture, society and community on earth with religions and organised faiths, it is believed God created the universe and the world within a scope of colours and pigmentation to inhabit regions.


Colour as such defined a location of peoples and their habitation, the word ‘black’ in different cultures is of local description, the Ashanti’s of Ghana are termed in Twi Language is ‘Tum Tum’ and ‘Abibiman’ is termed for Africa ‘The Black Continent’.


The Arabs used the word ‘Aswad’ for ‘Black Colour’ or ‘Al-aswadi’ for ‘Black People’ as such; black is a colour, pigment, complexion, or a people defined by the boundary of a ‘Colour Race’.


However, black as a ‘colour’ or ‘complexion’ does not define people, individuals or tongues because there is differences or divergent heritage, culture, customs, traditions, or location details as there is migration of people, tribes, tongues, inter - racial, or religious, marriages to re- create different races, ethnicities and nationalities.

Makeda, The Queen of Sheba of Ethiopia had a son Menelik with Shlomo (Or King Solomon) of Israel, thus creating a new race of African and Jewish mix, known as Fallasha, popularly known as ‘The Black Jews’, therefore we have a Chigro of African - oriental mix, Levantine (African and Lebanese - Syrian - Arabian mix) Moore (African and Arab), Mardi - Gras (African and Native American), Cooli or Buck
(With ancestry of African, Indian, Chinese in the Caribbean regions.

There was also racial mixing of the European/Caucasian with the ‘Black’, known as Mulatto’s, Negropeans. For black people in India are known as Dravidian’s (The descendents of Dravid - the first black Indian), and in Sri - Lanka, as in the Tamil Tribe.

Therefore, ‘Black’ as a colour became a ‘Race’, Tribe, Tongue, ethnicity and a classification of a people, until re - classification through immigration and nationality, derogatory remarks, comments and census populations, demographics and statistics in a globalised and colonised world, of people being grouped into economic and social classes, emanating in ‘social class - as an economic ‘system’, based on language, nationality, creed and faith.


The word ‘Black’ cuts across faith and spirituality, gender orientation, but applies at census, job filling applications, elections, crime and statistics, disease and poverty.

The colour ‘Black’ as a pigment of a people or ‘Race’ (Alleged Father of the ‘Theory of Evolution’), the colour ‘black’ has been divinely endowed, hormonal implants, cells, of biological and chemical known as ‘melanin’ to withstand the destructive force of the sun, elements of the sun, related sickness and to survive in tropics as against in temperate climates before adaptation.


For civilisations of Egypt, Ethiopia were ‘black’ as documented in Ancient Scrolls, transcripts, manuscripts, discovered from the Bible, dead sea scrolls, Egyptian book of the Dead and the Roman Article - Maximus Gazette in AD380 - Rome.


As such the ‘Black’ in Nubian Kemit discovered the use of medicine, theology of Monotheism, of the existence of ‘One God’ by Akheton, Imhotep, Nubilis, of perfume making, pyramid building, irrigation by Shaduf, lettering of heliographics and nation building administration (A foundation of governance for Persian’s and Medes to come and learn).


For in every dilution, adulteration, there is the original pure and un - diluted as such black people have managed despite slavery, colonialism, imperialism and the genocide to hold on as a unit defined, defeating obnoxious, racial mix, rise and fall syndromes of civilisations, genealogy and lineage to be represented as not only a colour of a pigmentation, but of nations, tribes, tongues, not extinct, wandering or lost, but ever moving and ever achieving for over 19 millennia.

In this ‘window’ of ‘Post - Colonialism’, we can see that ‘Black’ is now restricted to almost an ‘Urban movement’ giving precedence to movements such as ‘Hip Hop,
B-boys, Rap, RnB, Urban Culture, Jive, Soul, Soul food, The Blues, High Life, Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Samba, gospel, negro - spirituals, Spanish Mambo and most recently created - Afro-beats. However, when you listen and process most of the ‘content’ of these items, it is mostly about the plight of alleged ‘Black People’s ‘mental and spiritual enslavement’ by the definers of the ‘urban classification’ - ‘black’.

Unequivocally, this form of ‘mental and spiritual enslavement’ manifests itself in the ultimate personification of ‘miss - communication’ as ‘the Nigger’, Jim Crow, Kaffar, Willie Lynch, Golly-wogs, darkies and the economic definition on the justified grounds for discrimination as implemented by the state - the status of being ‘Coloured’.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Economic’ classification of the term and invention of - ‘Black’ determined by Economists, Imperialists and Colonialists are primarily for the exchange of ‘Currency and market bonds’. Remove the economic glue - ‘’Currency’, ‘Black people’ return back to their endowed state of divine beings and keepers of the divine order of balance.

Therefore, consistent displacement of the ‘African unit’, denial of the black family and re - classification of the term ‘Black’ is intrinsically tied to the state of
Global ‘Trade & Investment’ in developed countries and the price of ‘Stocks, Shares & Bonds’; index markets - to facilitate Trade, Commerce and Industry.

Like a forged ‘Triangle’, all three items feed each other, and is thus a hyper - simulation counterfeit use of divine growth in ‘inversion’, promoting, not divinity and divine instruction, but a single Man’s conception vis - a - vis - Capitalism to ‘Order’ the worlds resources, peoples, animals, crops, precious metals, minerals and all thereof to be organised, released and managed, not by divine Kingship, but by the cell division of a single spreadsheet.

Capitalism, as an idea and orientation is therefore, a microcosm of the myriad of possibilities of reality, scoped in a very very thin sheet of plastic. Owing to the innovation of ‘currency’ through ‘Chip-and-pin’ devices, digital indexes, the credit card, the debit card payment, PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, The Direct Debit, BACs Payment, The Standing Order, American express, Amex, “plastic money”, electronic payments, computerised payments, computerised transactions, digital ePayment identity, trade - ups of electronic eCommerce, payment and payroll, ironically, we now face an economic melt - down.
In amongst this ‘melt - down’, the term ‘Black’ is changing again. This time, not defined by economists who rule the world Trade & Investment platforms, but rather by the people who were being ‘classified’, in terms of what ‘Black’ means to them. This emanates ‘Black Monday’, Pan African Movement, Associations formed by Marcus Garvey, Negro betterment movements, Pan African Organisations, conscious music, conscious clothing outlets, African fabric adoption, African Liberation day, Community Interest Companies, Black Literature and Black History Month (February and October).

‘Black’, as defined by Economists, stayed ‘Black’ due to the ‘centre’ still in transition from that of the ancestral ‘epi - centre’ - Kemit and the Horn of the African Nile Civilisations; where the example of the best use of melanin has shown itself to be derived from - i.e. across the 150 Tribes of West of Africa including Ashanti, Timbuktu, Yoruba Land, Zulu Land, Luzis’, Congo, Uganda, Mali, Mandinka Warriors, Griots’, Maroon’s and Benin Kingdom. The ‘Centre’ now is ‘Shifting’ away from the ‘economists’ definition of the term’ black’ and in transition back to the ancestral viewpoint and the African ‘Centre’ of distinctiveness.

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