This article was compiled and edited by David Ofosu – Appiah LLB and Ms Chermiah Hart FdA BA (Hons), March 2014, for the Institute of Black Academics concerning Black Under achievement.

PUBLISHED 10 MARCH 2014  05:26

‘Trade & Investment’ is un-mixed blessings on one hand, as it could be construed as a blessing to imbibe the hub of the world’s natural resources, but in a different sphere or spectrum, it is a curse. ‘Trade & Investment’ takes the Global view of ‘Wealth creation and prosperity’, as the building blocks of proposed Nation building - essential for ‘progress’ and economic development. However, from the ‘African central’ view point, it is unequivocal that ‘Trade & Investment’ as an institution is actually the paradigm opposite for African growth, development, spiritual growth, mental agility, economic savvy, domestic living, family life, civilisation and social - compounding. The allegorical microbial bacterium that grows off the back of ‘Trade & Investment’ is the obvious Colonial forces, denial of the very existence of ‘black consciousnesses as an established way of life, the Imperial world, human slavery and conscious nullification.


Therefore, ‘for Trade & Investment’, is of advantage and disadvantage as one can loose out on the terms of trade, and consequently experience a windfall or shortfall in the balance of payment deficit or surplus output capacity across African nations and continents of a people. Moreover, investment can be a deficit, be deficient, or be in surplus output. (‘Surplus’ output owing to increase in market ‘stocks’ and ‘share value’).

Global Trade is manipulated like the national lottery, casino or any gambling game by future speculators or economically leading nations that have the
super-natural ability to decrease, increase, minimise or maximise input or output by trade bands, restrictions, protectionism, trade liberalisation and tariff caps of exports and services of goods and commodities to earn foreign exchange for re - investment and re - capitalisation.

Organisations, like the world trade organisation (WTO) have instituted policies of global allocation in trade - ups, but to no avail as nations with ulterior motives, bully smaller nations into submission with exports of primary commodities, pricing, price mechanism, which is not based primarily on demand and supply (thus super - naturally overriding the laws of fair trade and economics), of consumer and producer curve - economic structure.

As a result, for nations of black descent or ancestry, trade & investment,
is by far the worst enemy, as they are classified automatically as ‘Third World’ nations, because they lack perceived investment creation in human resource, man power development, capital, plant & machinery and equipment of technological transfer. All of which was originally developed on the back of Black intellectual diversification from the origins of Ancient Nubian’s to the Bronze making of Benin Kingdom.

Export is primarily in raw products, commodities are not in finished products, but of primary value and quantity pricing, so experience and unfavourable terms of trade, as well as balance of payment deficit, coupled with slow economic growth as economy is not buoyant or vibrant on the home front.

The current contemporary black national executives of nations, particularly, the African, Caribbean and pacific regions are not re - investing, re - capitalising into trade - ups of the business sectors vis - a vis mining, agriculture, health care and education. As such, independent tycoons, moguls and entrepreneurs have no access to start up credit from banks and lending companies, thus the macro and micro economic sector is limited in output and growth to create employment opportunities, social and trade infrastructure. Universal credit accessibility for the benefit of all is not achievable as resources are not evenly distributed in the public and private sectors as the engine of growth, and actually causes de - accelerated development of the economy and regressive bio - degradation.

It is also in the interest of Banks to charge exorbitant start up rates, commissions, fees and high interest on loans to cover their ‘flamboyant risk taking’ ventures - commonly known as ‘Venture Capitalism’. Furthermore, as far as sound reflective trade & investment policies are not well placed because of organisations such as WTO, UNO, NAFTA, EU and Shanghai Corporation of China, activation of business as in trade & investment is not flourishing and making black nations prosperous in Africa, the Caribbean’s and Pacific regions.
Owing to these reasons, economic growth since independence from Colonial Masters has proved futile.


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