This article was compiled and edited by David Ofosu – Appiah LLB and Ms Chermiah Hart FdA BA (Hons), March 2014, for the Institute of Black Academics concerning Black Under achievement.

PUBLISHED 21 MARCH 2014  10:46

As a lover of classic things I must confess my favourite Disney song is ‘A whole New World’ from the motion picture Aladdin (Pronounced in Arabic: Alla-deen).

Absolutely love the soundtrack, and the motion picture of flying carpets, Genie’s of the lamps, minarets (Dome shape atop the Arabian Princes Palace), elements of magic, supernatural, incantations, enchantments and craft in conjuring animate objects to life.

But 22 Years later (released in 1992) of the motion picture Aladdin and the hit soundtrack A whole new World. I have really tried t o figure out true flashback of memory lane of the scenario, captured imagery of the movie.


For Aladdin to control and command the flying carpet, to fly over the skies of the world, to kiss the love of his life, Princess Jasmine at a palace, he needed to invoke super natural elements of incantations, recitations, enchantments, conjuring through un-natural ways and means of gaining a transport vehicle to fly around that defied logical thinking of human reasoning, understanding and thought.

Aladdin in a particular scene flies past all the Seven Wonders of the World and a full moon on a flying carpet, in unison formation with white swans and snow white unicorns. This includes monuments such as the Sphinx of Egypt and the Acropolis of Ancient Greece. 

Magic, sorcery, inherent craft has been practised since the dawn of time in communities, civilisations and nations on earth in a constructive or destructive way.


Practitioners of timeless craft of divination, animism, mystic charms of wizardry, sorcery, witchcraft were created to be used to make disbelief become believable through enchantment, incantation, Inculcation; Instil an idea, attitude or habit by persistent instruction. To impress something upon the mind of another by frequent instruction, repetition, instil, indoctrinate or to embed - ritual practise; to make animate or inanimate objects to become real.

In contemporary times, viewers, listeners, watchers or readers of television, internet, Music, books are being enchanted, possessed through craft, magic in these variable mediums in all generations from children to adults.


Home entertainment is to create a Factor, or inclusion of the - wow! Feel good factor or the now in an exponential circumstance of being a wannabe. The ‘Now Factor’ is ruling the world right now. There is no longer yesterday, or tomorrow – but everything must be today. Life no longer makes sense if it was yesterday or tomorrow, but the power of ‘Instant’ is a thoroughbred of enchantment. Instant healing creams, instant cosmetics, beauty makeovers, collagen, implants, botox, miracle crams and hair extensions. Wars are going on simultaneously across three or four countries, poverty of 18million people and an economic melt down of key states; however we can rest assured that we can come home to watch the ‘X Factor’. Welcome to the world of ‘Make believe’ where reality has expired by the conjurors of the craft. Or worse, becoming a new specie or specimen, that has been conjured to become a new life form altogether.


Illusions, delusions and mind caesuras, mind control, brain washing and manipulation of children watching television of cartoons using enchantment figures or effigies, of imagery, symbolism, has taken hold and possessed the little ones into the captivity of the ‘Dark Forces’. This manifests in the increasing Suicide pacts, group rituals, proliferations of arms, criminality, social – vices and evils is now the new social – culture canker that is blighting the community cohesion, community healing as work of man’s hands has possessed them into submission and held them captive and they have become lost souls, lost generations, popularly known as generation X or ‘the untouchables’.


Adults are not immune from the contagion of the ‘Dark Forces’ making shadows, reflections come alive as they chant of ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ and awaiting bloody Mary to appear in real life scenarios of divergent visual dimension.
This happens because reflections on the mirror are blurred, hazy and distorted. This is parallel to Black history being blurred, hazy, distorted, hidden facts and miles away from the truth. Adults have become hostages to themselves and the enchantments that have seized their minds, soul and the spirits to act in accordance to the dictate of the enchanter and their sorcery medium – High street premium brand labels, most wanted gadgets, gismos and chart topping popular music.


The black community has not re-awakened from the enchantment of ‘Make believe’ scenarios of social – cultural, mental, meta-physical or abstract levels as still mesmerised, enchanted to believe in fantasy as a ‘State of Mind’, that is withholding in our achievement in the sectors of academia, scholarship, common – sense and wealth creation. Recent hits include: ‘Empire–State–Of-Mind’, by Ms Keys, who recites the Demi-Psalm, that anything is possible in New York, that it is ‘the place where dreams are made of’ and “come true”, the “Lights will inspire you”. . . In ‘Times Square’ or Manhattan, 42nd Boulevard Broadway, JC Penny, Macie’s or Tiffanies - everything is possible, instant LED Neon lights, are said to “Inspire you”. “These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you”. New York is allegedly built on the blue prints of the Free-Masonic Lodge order and run by the personalities of Club 100 membership of Bankers, Accountants and Financiers that bank roll Stone Wall.  (Stone wall is a thriving community of the crème-de-la-crème of organised affluent Gay Society) in which village people of YMCA fame are associated with.

Let us look into two scenarios, a natural chicken hatch takes 21 days since time immemorial from foetus to egg including, when the hen lays the eggs and broods over them before they hatch. However, in the contemporary era; two un-natural imbalances of chickens embryos are actually hatched within hours through genetic insemination, electromagnetic valves and heating tabs to change the natural order causing ‘Instant’ harvesting of chickens. Over 1million natural interactions have been made redundant in this method including the ‘brooding’ period. This is parallel to a loved one passing away, skipping the bereavement period and jumping straight to a bio-stimulated human cloning. Since 2013, Dogs, plants, flowers and Sheep are all on the agenda for cloning in the UK via registered laboratories.

On the other hand, organic food is divine because it is natural, but artificial synthetic foods as in GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is un-natural because it defies the natural process of cultivation and harvesting by making harvesting again, ‘Instant’ and thus computerised. GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) defies the laws of nature, and makes natural reasoning illogical, nonsensical, slow and unbelievable.


The black community has been unable to create, preserve, conserve and reserve natures endowed financial economic resources dubbed as the ‘Gifts of nature’, as enchantment of outsiders in laying claim to the wealth bank and money being withdrawn from the community, to impoverish the community through the lack of re-capitalisation and re-investment in terms of trade and balance of payment.


Ignorance, illiteracy, Squalor, vicious circle of poverty, economic imbalance or inequality has arisen as a result of persistent enchantment through the mediums; mass media, public education and the education system as a whole. Black Children as young as 8, are taken to watch fairy tales such as ‘Cinderella’, ‘Snow – white and the seven dwarfs’, then asked to meet the ‘all white’ cast for autographs. Culturally, economically, the black community has been polarised, unable to travel a forward march in gaining sustainable strength in achieving joint accelerated growth in any direction.


With matters arising for the black community to withstand the meta-physical occupation, besieging and the attack of the enchanter of us as a united front. We must disbelieve the influence of the mass-media, brain-washing education systems and the enchantment of Babylonian Culture, which is based on ‘magic, incantation, ‘make-believe’ and sorcery. It is devoid of values and basic principles of divine growth and/or inclusion of the ‘Self’. We must therefore learn to as a must; ‘primarily’ understand the values within ourselves ‘and then how to build infrastructure that enriches those basic requirements. This can be divulged as establishment of Nubian – centred Schooling systems and academic research.



 With a sense of urgency to start up and practise cultural conscious independence and sovereignty vis-à-vis business, commerce and industrial infrastructure.
We need to build the capacity to exercise self – sustenance and communal
co-operatives like the black Walls streets of the 1930’s, credit – unions, trade & investment hubs, tech – guides to improve our literacy and numeric levels to accelerate economic growth to the swapping of goods, services of mutual exchange of credit facilities to abolish the burden of yoke imposed.


Cultural Publications must be encouraged at all levels, story lines, movies on conscious writings, topics, journals, articles, historical write ups to be re-enacted into road shows, documentaries for it to be our story and not ‘The Enchanters Story’, for us to gain mastery of our own destiny.


All criticisms are welcome for this Journal article in designing, developing and permeating way forward for the betterment of our people to stand tall, and be counted with divine value and not just to become a number in existence owing to the current distress in history spanning the last 500 years. Being sovereigns of the Ancient World spanning over 5,550 years and since the dawn of time, it is now imperative for us to look at ‘The importance of Enchantment’, the Enchanter and those who have been enchanted.
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